Dr Baylin

Physiologic Dentistry and
The Dental Physician

The term physiologic refers to the normal functioning of an organism.

Physiologic Dentistry refers to the effects tooth and jaw position have on the normal functioning of the body.  Teeth and the forces of occlusion are intimately related to muscle function and muscle dysfunction from head to toe.  By improving tooth to tooth contact and equalizing forces placed on the jaw, the relief of pain and dysfunction can occur not only in the area of the head and neck, but throughout the entire body.

In his book, “The Dental Physician,” Dr. Aelred Fonder explains how tooth and jaw relationships affect the autonomic nervous system, blood and lymphatic circulation, pain, posture, breathing, and overall health and well-being.  Citing many case studies, he describes improvements in headache, neck and back pain, dizziness, digestive disturbances, visual disturbances, hormonal disturbances, and fatigue when the occlusion (bite) and jaw position are corrected.

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