Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Since its first use, silver mercury amalgam fillings have been controversial.  The controversy surrounds the question of whether or not enough mercury comes off the filling to contribute to health problems.

The “Smoking Tooth” video from The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology ( contains a visual demonstration of how mercury vapors are released into the oral cavity when a silver mercury amalgam filling is stimulated.  When you chew food, grind your teeth, drink hot liquids, every time a mercury filling is drilled, silver mercury amalgam fillings are “agitated” and toxic vapors are inhaled, absorbed, swallowed, and released into the body.

In our office, non-toxic, biologically friendly, tooth-colored materials (composite resins, porcelain, and zirconia) have replaced the use of silver mercury amalgam fillings for over 35 years.