Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an Ayurvedic medical technique that has been practiced for generations. It is used to remove tissue infections, detoxify the body, and reduce the burden on the immune system in general. 

Oil pulling involves swishing a spoonful of organic coconut to remove bacteria, fungi, and their toxins. It works because the cell membranes of the microbes are lipid based.  Oil and other fats bond together.  As the oil is swished vigorously in the mouth, it attracts microbes and toxins and pulls them from the teeth and gums. 

It may take a little effort to get used to oil pulling and the feeling or taste of oil in the mouth.  You can add drops of cinnamon or peppermint oil for taste if necessary. Keeping busy during swishing will help the time go by quickly. 

Oil pulling or swishing is safe, will not interfere with medications, and can be used by anyone old enough not to swallow the oil.  As the microorganisms are removed from the mouth, teeth and gums are able to heal. 


  • Begin with flossing and brushing your teeth. 
  • Swishing is recommended daily. If you have a severe infection, it can be done up to three times a day.
  • When oil pulling, the oil should become thin, like water and no oily feeling should be left.
  • It is best to swish on an empty stomach in the morning after brushing the teeth and tongue. This is the time of day when the microbial count is highest in the mouth.
  • “Pulling” with two teaspoons of oil for 15 to 20 minutes is recommended. Push and pull the oil through the teeth, swishing vigorously. Spit into the trash and not the sink.

Then, thoroughly rinse the mouth.

  • You can eat or drink immediately after oil pulling.

Although oil pulling is commonly used to aid people in healing their oral health issues, it also has been found to improve a person’s overall health.