Dr. Baylin And              Integrative Dentistry
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Dr. Baylin and Integrative Dentistry

Many practitioners have been influential in developing Dr. Baylin’s whole body approach and integrative treatment philosophy; Dr. Baylin’s father and mentor, Dr. George J. Baylin, whose dedication to the dental profession and devotion to his patients built the foundation for…

Mercury-Free And Mercury-Safe Dentistry
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Mercury-Free and Mercury-Safe Dentistry

Since its first use, silver mercury amalgam fillings have been controversial.  The controversy surrounds the question of whether or not enough mercury comes off the filling to contribute to health problems. The “Smoking Tooth” video from The International Academy of…

TMJ, Headaches, And Migraines
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TMJ, Headaches, and Migraines

Temporomandibular joint disorders (commonly referred to as TMJ, TMD) are a family of problems, often painful, related to the complex jaw joint, the muscles of the head, neck, and shoulder, the dental occlusion (bite), and the nervous system.  The presence…